Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day 6

It turns out that I'm not the only one setting small goals for herself. It's called setting a Mandatory Minimum and there's a nice article about it here:

My Mandatory Minimum is intentionally super-small. I'm to practice every day, BUT I have not set a time minimum or a results-based goal. On some days I'll naturally practice more and on some days I'll naturally practice a little less. It's occurred to me this morning, after reading this: that having this freedom is important in order to avoid "burnout."

Guilt and pressing on with super-hero stamina is three steps back. Down time is natural as John Denver in the early days. ~Danielle @ White Hot Truth

I have successfully practiced five days in a row. I don't think that I've done that since before my auditions in the Spring (and if I have I wasn't conscious of it and proud of my achievement). When I woke up this morning, I felt the need for a lazy day. I don't have to work at the requisite day jobbie until the evening, the pillows seemed so soft, and I'm half way through a gripping book. This desire is natural. It's the way I've been trained to think; work hard for five days, get two days off. It's organic and safe.

I'm approaching my practice with a different attitude today. My goals are the same, but my focus is on the enjoyment of playing bassoon.

The session:
Majors - sixteenths @ quarter = 80
Minors - sixteenths @ quarter = 80
Majors in 3rds - eighths @ quarter = 80
Started with D in thirds, then went about my scales as usual, adding a sharp each time.

Longtones: D. A little better.

Weissenborn: Two studies, then ran out of time. Should have started earlier. I won't be able to have another session today, but bassoon is assembled so I can start right at 10am tomorrow.

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