Sunday, June 6, 2010

Day 2

Session 1

1. Maintain concentration for longer. Might be hard because I'm hungry, but I can't procrastinate any longer.
2. Build muscle strength - embouchure and shoulder.
3. Read 10 of the Weissenborn Advanced Studies.
4. Continue scraping on these very hard, mediocre reeds until they become AWESOME reeds.

The Session:

Concentration fail. Scales in thirds... well I did it. Getting better at minor key signatures. Fluency shall be mine, mwahahaha!

Practicing while hungry really hedges the odds against you. It's a silly waste of time, so why do it? I plan to write a post about that soon. Today, I did it because I procrastinated too long and I have afternoon plans that include lunch. I'm running late for those afternoon plans, but practicing has to take priority.

I can feel embouchure strength growing. Sight reading was fine. Found that my first page of "Stole My Twinkie" is gone. A shame as it's my favorite of the etudes. I didn't make it through ten of them because my embouchure was tired and I was losing concentration, but I hope to have another session later today. Another factor to take into account is that the etudes progressively get longer and more challenging. As long as I'm challenged every time I practice I'll feel alright about my progress.

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