Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 5

In order to maintain steady progress I have a lot that I need to keep track of. From now on I'll follow a template to record my warm up sessions to make sure no longtone or scale form gets missed! As I feel I've done adequate work on a scale form I'll continue to add onto the list until I'm fluent in the entire Van Hoesen warmup exercise.

Longtones will be done thusly: Metronome set to 80, crescendo for 12 counts, decrescendo for 12 counts. Expand range as much as I can within these limits. Repeat only tonguing quarters within crescendi and decrescendi.

Session 1

Majors - sixteenths @ quarter = 80
Minors - sixteenths @ quarter = 70
Majors in 3rds - eighths @ quarter = 70
Lost concentration on D again. Must have worked on it for 10 to 15 minutes. Next practice will begin with D in thirds.

Longtones: Didn't get there.

Weissenborn: Ran out of time.

This is the first session I've had since the beginning of the project where I've run out of time before accomplishing all that I'd hoped. Fortunately I have it all recorded here so I can make up the time this evening. I will have plenty of time for another session or two this evening.

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